Frequently asked questions

What is the return on investment that I can expect?

Every project we have ever worked has an expected return on investment agreed on between us and the sponsor of the project. Our contracts are always fairly negotiated to ensure that if you do not receive the value that you are looking for, we will do everything in our power to continue providing support until you realize value.

What is the typical length of a project?

Our projects have been anywhere between 4 months and 2 years, depending on the size, complexity and expectations of the sponsor. If you have a very large undertaking but want to make a more aggressive deadline, speak with us on how we can crash the project schedule.

Will you travel on-site for projects?

Yes, with adequate notice, we can travel to your site or find a subject matter expert in your area to avoid having to travel.

How much of a notice needs to be given before kicking off a new project?

With our ability to remotely attack most issues, we can usually start a project immediately. During our planning or evaluation phase, we can start remotely and dive in immediately.

Are your courses the type of instruction that employers are looking for?

Our courses are based on best practices and the content is derived from real world experience from our past projects. We take proven methodologies and create easy to digest course content for businesses of any size.

How do I know if the tools and templates you use are good for my projects?

Our templates are based on best practices and uploaded here once proven to work.